Welcome to airlinecolors.com - the airline postacard supersite.

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welcome to airlinecolors.com - the airline postcard supersite

We're building a bigger, better airlinecolors.com and we're adding new postcards all the time. Enter your search below and let's get started!

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We have discontinued our catalog sales, however we do list items on eBay from time to time. Check our eBay listings here.

Airlinecolors.com is an airline postcard enthusiasts' site. The postcards displayed here are not for sale or trade.

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welcome to airlinecolors.com - the airline postcard supersite

ON THE COVER: Our homepage slideshow features 'Airbus A-300: Dawn of a Dynasty'.

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Airways Magazine - A Gobal Review of Commercial FlightWe are very humbled to have appeared in the esteemed publication Airways Magazine. A most sincere 'Thank You' from the AirlineColors Team.

What makes us the world's largest online airline postcard gallery?

Let's take a look:

  • Roughly 34,000 aircraft and airport postcards
  • Nearly 6,000 airline issued postcards
  • More than 4,500 unique airlines and operators
  • and 800 plus airlinecolors.com archived, exclusive photographs
  • A detailed and comprehensive database spanning the first century of commercial flight

    Why collect airline postcards? The best way to answer that question is with a question. Why collect stamps? or coins? or baseball cards? It's a passion only airliner enthusiasts truly understand. For the airline collector there is an endless source of materials to choose from to kick start any collection. Your hosts admit to collecting everything from timetables to safety cards. But through nearly 30 years of collecting, post cards have remained the backbone.

    Today, tens of thousands of post cards reside in the airlinecolors.com archives. We want to share as many as possible with you.

    We make no apologies to the purists (the ones who collect only airline issues), because we hope you'll understand we seek a broader selection to draw from. There are countless publishers of airline post cards. In many cases these cards are the only ones to depict airlines, aircraft, liveries, and scenes skipped by the marketing folks at larger carriers. Some airlines can not financially support producing post cards. We hope to merge both areas of collecting here at airlinecolors.com so that you, the collector, will have a fuller reference to page through. Still only interested in airline issued? We have thousands of them. Click here for "backdoor access" to see the airline issues only.

    welcome to airlinecolors.com - the airline postcard supersite

    The Airlinecolors.com library contains over 1,000 books and periodicals including:
  • The Airline Encyclopedia 1909-2000
  • over 100 Official Airline Guides (OAGs) dating back to 1929
  • JP Airline Fleets from 1966 through 2014
  • The Airline Handbook (published from the early 70s to mid-'80s)
  • and several volumes from esteemed airline historian R.E.G. Davies.

    airlinecolors.com magazine

    Aviacard - The Airlinecolors.com MagazineIssue #018 of our Aviacard - the Airlinecolors.com Magazine is out! Click the cover page to the left to download your free copy today! Please contact us for information on back issues.

  • welcome to airlinecolors.com - the airline postcard supersite

    A sneak-peek slideshow of just some of our most recent additions. Airlinecolors.com uploads postcards regularly, so check back often!

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    With a constantly expanding database of airline postcards comes an ever increasing number of new airlines to our listing. Here are a few of the newer ones. Choose the name from the dropdown menu below and check out their respective postcards.

    welcome to airlinecolors.com - the airline postcard supersite

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    Airline Colors Video Series

    From time to time, we showcase some of our favorite postcards we've added to our collection and uploaded to the site in a slideshow presentation. Here is the latest in our video series:

    You can see more of our video series by clicking the YouTube logo above.


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